Field Trips

The visual arts play a vital role in the development and learning of children from preschool all the way through high school. Sweetwater is committed to providing quality art education for students of all ages and backgrounds, and believes that the arts enhance children's appreciation and understanding of the world around them. Our goal is to enrich students' comprehension of organizational principles, perceptions and art techniques through our field trips and programs. Field trips at Sweetwater give students the ability to collaborate and think creatively to express their ideas through drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and other mediums.

Sweetwater Field Trips (PA standards: 1.6, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3)

Sweetwater Field Trips/School Workshops: Sweetwater offers a variety of Field Trips for area preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools as well as groups of homeschooled students. This is a great opportunity for children and young adults to be exposed to the world of art through their local art center.

All Field Trips include a tailored, hands-on art activity of your choosing, as well as an optional 30 minute tour of Sweetwater. The 100-year old building’s rich history as a historic landmark will introduce students to how the art center functions on a day to day basis as students explore the center’s various art studios and gallery.

Art Explorers:
1.5 – 2 hours with certified instructor, all grade levels welcome

This workshop will introduce students to try multiple mediums and materials, including painting, drawing, multi-media and three dimensional artworks. We are happy to work with each group and cater a theme to their choosing. Cost: $120 flat fee, up to 10 children. $12 for each additional child.

*Henna, Tie-Dye or Fairy Garden Art Themes
Cost: $160 flat fee, up to 10 children. $16 for each additional child.

Ceramics Workshop:
2.5 hours with certified ceramics instructor, all grade levels welcome

This fun filled day of clay will introduce students to ceramics as they work in Sweetwater’s ceramics studio to create their very own clay masterpiece. A demonstration will be given on how to throw clay on the potter’s wheel, and students will learn various hand building techniques for clay construction. Choose from a pinch pot, coil pot or animal sculpture. Cost: $180 flat fee, up to 10 children. $18 for each additional child.

Culinary Creations:
3 hours with certified chef, all grade levels welcome.

Create a delicious dish in Sweetwater’s gourmet kitchen with your very own personal chef! Due to limited kitchen space, this workshop has a maximum of 12 participants. We are happy to work with each group and cater a theme/dish of their choosing. However, due to the nature of culinary classes, Sweetwater is unable to accommodate food allergies/dietary restrictions. Cost: $300 flat fee, up to 12 children maximum.

For more information, please contact Erin at ecory@sweetwaterartcenter.org or 412-741-4405

A contract will be sent to your organization at the time of scheduling. To guarantee your reservation, please return a signed copy of the field trip contract with your deposit. Confirmation of scheduling will be sent upon receiving contract and payment and final payment is due one week prior to scheduled event.